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Teach Clever

using Qwizdom's education solutions!

From student response systems to interactive whiteboard teaching software, you can now create a perfect blended learning environment in your classroom.


Student Response Hardware & Software

Interactive Questions. Instant Answers.

Qwizdom’s rise to market leader came in the form of Classroom Response Technology. Ask interactive questions via PowerPoint and have your students respond via hardware or their mobile phones.

Works with your current curriculum content.
Ask interactive questions via PowerPoint.
All answers collected instantly.
Detailed performance reports generated.

Make PowerPoint interactive!

Our software, a plugin for Microsoft PowerPoint called ActionPoint, gives additional functionality to your presentations, allowing you to create and pose interactive questions. 

Our hardware remotes are fast, dedicated data receivers that display your created questions. Students enter their answers and send them back to you. 

Alternatively students may answer using their phone and our app, called Qwizdom Virtual remote, or Q-VR for short. 

Download ActionPoint & Q-VR


Interactive Whiteboard Software

Annotate, Collaborate, Present & Poll.Our OKTOPUS software is designed with whiteboards in mind. 

☑ Create interactive lesson content.
☑ 70+ teaching tools and built in apps.
☑ Work live any application.
☑ Annotate over any document.
☑ Ask interactive questions.
☑ Play games & build engaging lessons.

OKTOPUS:


Building Better Lessons

Ximbus is a multimedia teaching application that speeds up lesson creation, simplifies the teaching process, and offers more control to teachers during lessons.

Build: Build lessons using any online content. You can even connect to your Google Drive & Microsoft OneDrive accounts.

Present: Students connect & follow along using their own devices. Ximbus comes with built-in presentation tools including annotation, whiteboard collaboration & instant polling.

Flip: Share a lesson as self-paced for students to access anytime, anywhere.

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