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Data is King...

Qwizdom specialises in delivering tangible data, whether it's an insight into your audiences thoughts, collecting feedback from opinion polls, or testing your team's understanding of the latest health and safety protocols...

If you need data, we provide it.


Qwizdom Response Hardware.

Fast, dedicated data receivers.

Whether you are training 20 people or polling 4,000, our Response Handsets are a reliable, intuitive way to collect valuable data and save time. Assess "in-the-moment" learning with instant results & reports.

Our handsets talk to PowerPoint and deliver all user responses directly back to your computer, converting data into readable graphs, pie charts, spreadsheets and more.

Cut out wasted evaluation time with instant marking from Qwizdom.

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  • Benefits

  • No Internet Required
  • 13 Question Types
  • Instant Results
  • Built-in Reporting Tools

Q-Virtual Response App (Mobile)

Global reach on your mobile device.

Q-VR is a mobile app that allows you to set up and pose interactive questions via the Cloud. Anyone can join your session and interact with feedback & answers, no matter where they are as long as they have an internet connection. 

Set up your PowerPoint slides with interactive questions and run a QVR session. Participants join remotely with an ID and then they follow the slides and send their answers when prompted. 

All data, collected and displayed as and when you need it. 


  • Benefits

  • Internet-based Polling
  • Present Globally
  • Instant Results
  • Built-in Reporting
  • Works on mobiles, tablets & computers

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