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"We used Qwizdom for the first time this year & received 126 completed evaluations forms in less than 10mins. Fantastic!
— NHS Forth Valley Trust


Construction Industry

Building a Better Team by Building Better Results.

We enhance: Health & Safety Courses, CSR Compliance Courses, CPC Driver Training, Regulatory Assessments

Case Studies

“Our employees feel valued and supported now because of the improvements we have made to their training, the fact that Qwizdom works within PowerPoint was the deciding factor for us. It is great that we can just manipulate the current PowerPoint and incorporate the 13 question choices available, meaning no more paper tests!”
— Northstone / Northern Ireland

“Skanska has used Qwizdom for a number of years throughout its business. Simple to use with PowerPoint, it is an innovative way of presenting information in a fun interactive way. Qwizdom has been used for climate surveys, safety quizzes, seminars & hazard spotting exercises as part of our safety induction process, leading to a better involvement and knowledge retention with the audience.”
— John Wilkinson / Health & Safety Manager

“We are absolutely delighted with our response handsets, they gives us instant feedback across a wide range of applications including course participant evaluations, understanding and awareness of training material and as a competence measure.”
— Construction Industry Training Board / Northern Ireland

“We intend to use the Q6 in all our training and development courses and have recommended the system to other organisations as a training and assessment tool that will benefit both the user and the purchaser.”
— Construction Industry Training Board / Northern Ireland

“The Q6 system is being used to stimulate discussion during our training programmes with course members responding to various questions using an innovative and when require anonymous way.”
— Construction Industry Training Board / Northern Ireland

Healthcare Industry

Monitor Results & Gather Healthy Feedback!

Qwizdom is currently used by approximately 80 NHS Trusts in the UK to date.

We enhance: Statutory Training, Smoking Cessation, Mandatory Training, Alcohol Awareness, Simulation Training, Food & Health, Training Evaluation, Sexual Health, Health Promotions, Seminars & Opinion Polls

Case Studies

“I purchased the Q6 handsets for work with community groups participating in the Uniting Communities Programme. I have found Qwizdom to be an effective solution which both facilitates information gathering for users and also saves time in collating the information gathered.”
— Louise McAtamne / Active Communties Division | Department for Communities

“I would recommend Qwizdom to any education institution as a complement to existing systems or to people looking to implement it for the first time and with a good 75 of us as NHS Trusts using it, you can’t really go wrong!”
— Lancashire Teaching Hospitals / NHS Foundation Trust

“What a wonderful product! We used Qwizdom for the first time this year for our Induction on 6th August. We received 126 completed evaluations forms in less than 10mins. Fantastic!”
— NHS Forth Valley / NHS Foundation Trust

“We have found that Qwizdom lends itself particularly well across the interdisciplinary education that we provide in the CLD. It is a great way to encourage class participation and to add some interaction and fun to a regular classroom setting.”
— Tallaght Hospital / Centre of Learning & Development


Logistics Industry

If you need data, rest assured that we deliver.

We enhance: Health & Safety, CSR Compliance Courses, CPC Driver Training, Regulatory Assessments, Goods Handling

Case Studies

“We find that using Qwizdom for our training courses enables all of our delegates to participate and find our courses informative and enjoyable on the various subjects we cover for Driver CPC.With having the ability to provide electronic reports on each driver attending our courses, enables us to provide accurate feedback to our clients when we review their training requirements, offering a comprehensive service to our customers.”
— Paul Wardle, Driver Link Training / Business Development Consultant

“The kit allows me to see if the drivers understand what they have been taught and it also allows me to check what their previous knowledge level is, this way we can highlight any shortcomings they may have.”
— Ron Smith / Training Manager - NAGEL GROUP

“We use Qwizdom regularly with frontline staff in our Mail Centre as it gives us great feedback on specific issues. Furthermore we can act on the feedback we receive from staff in order to improve the way we do things. Qwizdom can really help bring a learning session to life due to the interactive nature of the software. Staff really enjoy using it and so do we.”
— David Gaughy / HR Manager - Royal Mail

“We have been using Qwizdom in our classroom since October 2014. The drivers have welcomed its use as they feel more involved. They can also give their true response without the fear of peer criticism. We plan to use it more in our future courses planned for 2016.”
— Stephen Clarke / DCPC Trainer - Nottingham City Transport

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